General information about hose clips


No 000 = ca 9.5mm x 12mm

No M00 = ca 11mm x 16mm

No 00 = ca 13mm x 20mm

No 0 = ca 14mm x 22mm

No 0X = ca 17mm x 25mm

No 1A = ca 22mm x 30mm

No 1 = ca 25mm x 35mm

No 1X = ca 30mm x 40mm

No 2A = ca 35mm x 50mm

No 2 = ca 40mm x 55mm

No 2X = ca 45mm x 60mm

No 3 = ca 50mm x 70mm

No 3X = ca 60mm x 80mm

No 4 = ca 70mm x 90mm

No 4X = ca 80mm x 100mm

No 5 = ca 90mm x 120mm

No 6 = ca 110 x 140mm

No 7 = ca 130 x 160mm



• Jubilee

• Aba

• Mikalor

• Norma


• Pari

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